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Information for Student Volunteers

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Who can volunteer with Fleur de Vie? Anyone affiliated with Tulane University can get involved at Fleur de Vie. T1-T4 medical students can volunteer for precepting (T1/T2 paired with T3/T4), taking vital signs, doing mental health screening and/or patient education. Social workers from Tulane's School of Social Work also volunteer and have students accompany them. Undergraduate students can volunteer to do patient intake and are selected at the beginning of each year. Additionally, we are always interested in having other students, especially public health students, do projects and/or help expand the clinic. Lastly, and most importantly, Fleur de Vie needs doctors to volunteer their time! Family medicine and internal medicine physicians are especially encouraged to volunteer (physicians seeking more information may visit the "info for physicians" section of our website for more details).

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