History of the Fleur de Vie Clinic

In the months following Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans health care system suffered devestating consequences. Many major public healthcare providers closed indefinitely, leaving the struggling population without a reliable means of health care. The immediate need for public health care in post-Katrina New Orleans spawned the idea of the Fleur de Vie Clinic. The brainchild of several Tulane School of Medicine students, Fleur de Vie was envisioned as a student/volunteer driven clinic providing free health care to the underserved populations of New Orleans. Additionally, FdV would look towards the future by honing the skills of each volunteering student doctor and fostering collaboration amongst future health care professionals. In 2007, Fleur de Vie opened its doors, making the leap from a mere concept into a fully-functioning public health care provider. Teaming with the Tulane University Community Health Center at Covenant House, patients are offered free medical care and are able to attain numerous additional services such as language interpretation, mental health screening, patient education, and social work. As we continue to expand Fleur de Vie under the guidance of Tulane University medical directors Eboni Price, MD MPH, and Karen DeSalvo, MD MPH MSc, let us guide New Orleans to a bright, healthy tomorrow.